Cool Changes: We've Gone Solar!

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Cool Changes: We've Gone Solar!

By: Onesto

We couldn't be more proud to announce to you that as of Monday, September 11, 2017, Onesto crackers are now baked using solar power! It has been a long road, but we finally made it. When we first started Onesto in January of 2014, we had two missions: to create amazing food using REAL, honest ingredients and to do it as eco-minded and socially responsible as possible. 

One of our first decisions was to hire a company that would help us create our packaging in a responsible, green way. From the very beginning, our cracker boxes have been made using 100% wind power and are printed with vegetable dyes (much more sustainable and won't harm the soil when recycled), they are made with 100% recycled cardboard and in turn are 100% recyclable. 

Fast forward to late 2015 and the search for a solar powered facility was on! We cannot say enough about the state of Vermont. We LOVE it there. If we weren't Massachusetts natives, we would definitely be Vermonters! Thankfully, our search led us to the most wonderful team of bakers in a little town in Vermont. After many test runs, tears and (some) profanity, we nailed the baking process and made the switch! And, in the spirit of being eco-minded, our new bakery was a former kombcha's that for re-purposing?! 

We hope that the next time you bite into our crispy, nutty, delicious gluten-free crackers, you will know how much care and thought went into baking them, not just for you but for Mother Earth too! 

Much love,


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