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By General Manager Linzi Gay - Clif Family

We get a lot of questions about our Dukkah Spice Blends. Most often we get asked how to pronounce the word dukkah. But we also get a lot of questions about where it originated, why we make it and how to use it.

Let’s start with pronunciation. The word dukkah is pronounced dew-ka. The word is derived from the Arabic “to pound”. Dukkah originated in Egypt where it is typically used as a dip with olive oil and bread. There is no set recipe for dukkah but the essential ingredients remain the same – spices, nuts, sesame seeds, salt and pepper.  Common spices include coriander, cumin, caraway and mint.

I first discovered dukkah about 15 years ago when I was traveling through New Zealand. Dukkah is very popular in New Zealand and many restaurants feature their own unique blends. It was often offered before our meals with fresh bread and olive oil. When I returned home, I could not find any dukkah in our local stores. So working with our chef, we decided to create mixes that would work with a variety of dishes that would pair with our wines. The result is our three dukkah spice blends that we sell in our tasting room, online and use in a variety of dishes at the Bruschetteria Food Truck.

The simplest and most common way to use dukkah is to dip fresh bread in olive oil followed by the dukkah. It’s an easy appetizer and always a crowd pleaser. But there are also many great ways to cook with dukkah. Top roasted vegetables, add to a salad dressing or sprinkle on avocado toast.


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