Coffee Storage Tips: Heat. Light. Moisture. Air.

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Coffee Storage Tips: Heat. Light. Moisture. Air.


Ahhh Yes, Coffee's Certain Adversaries...

The aroma and flavor of your cup of coffee is incredibly dependent upon how roasted coffee, and thus your beautiful gift, is stored.

Some tips:

Heat & Light: Although both can be beautiful, not so much for your coffee. Simply think cool and dark. Storing fresh coffee in a consistently cool environment - such as the back of your pantry - in an opaque container, is ideal.

Moisture: Exposure can destroy coffee almost immediately. And this includes not only humidity, but condensation caused by fluctuations in temperature - this is why we recommend storing coffee away from a refrigerator or freezer. Dry is fly here.

Air: Life would certainly not be without oxygen, but it can degrade your coffee with repeated exposure. Rather than exposing the same coffee supply to air every day, a great workaround is to keep your daily supply in a distinct container, refilling from a separate, bulk container which is then, opened less frequently.

Also, look for bags that have a release valve to ensure thought has been afforded to the escape of carbon dioxide roasted beans emit and if at all possible, choose whole beans over ground. Ground coffee risks more surface area exposure to all of the above and the mantra, grind before brewing, just helps ensure more flavors are realized!

May these tips only aid enjoyment of your beautiful coffee over a longer period!

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