Spicy "Taco Tuesday" Guacamole

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Spicy "Taco Tuesday" Guacamole

By: Gustus Vitae

Taco Tuesday will never be the same after you try this guacamole. Complemented by a blended margarita and crunchy chips, this spicy guacamole will transform the way that you do Mexican food. This green-wonder is enhanced by our signature Red Pepper Flakes, giving it just the right amount of heat to blend with the creamy goodness. Perfect to be used as a finishing touch to a burrito or quesadilla, yet flavorful enough to keep the party alive with chips and salsa during happy hour. The best part? This guacamole doesn't cost extra.

Gustus Vitae Red Pepper Flakes can be found in the Bella Italia Seasoning & Salt Collection or the Salt-Free Seasonings Collection on Hudson Daniel's marketplace.


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