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Appetizer, Cheese, Dip, Kale, Party, Saint Lucifer, Spice, Spinach, St. Lucifer -

St. Lucifer #11 is a masterful blend of garlic, salt, vinegar and fiery habanero peppers that work together to add magical spice to this dip.

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Appetizer, Appetizers, Bruschetta, Cheese, Clif, Clif Family, Clif Family Farm, Clif Family Winery, Crescenza, Garlic, Morels, Mushrooms, Peas, Porcini, Spice Rub, Spring -

Springtime at the Clif Family Farm brings a crop of green garlic & fresh peas that make a beautiful and delicious topping for bruschetta. Especially when paired with the pungent earthy flavor of Morel mushrooms and Crescenza cheese.

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Appetizer, Figs, Flatbread, Pears, Salsa, Salsa Maya, Spicy -

This is one deliciously spicy flatbread! It's full of great flavor and is sweet, salty and addicting; everything you would want. Pears and figs are in season during the fall, so if you want to make this during another season just switch for your favorite fruit from that season and you will still love it. This makes a great appetizer or meal!

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Appetizer, Dip, french, Ratatouille, Salsa, Salsa Maya -

Here is a classic with a great twist. This is a dip that is so irresistible. It is hot, spicy and delicious. With this recipe, all you need is some crackers, toast or even just a spoon and enjoy!

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Appetizer, Dip, Guacamole, Gustus Vitae, Mexican, Red Pepper Flakes, Spicy -

Taco Tuesday will never be the same after you try this guacamole!

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