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Appetizer, Cheese, Dip, Kale, Party, Saint Lucifer, Spice, Spinach, St. Lucifer -

St. Lucifer #11 is a masterful blend of garlic, salt, vinegar and fiery habanero peppers that work together to add magical spice to this dip.

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Appetizer, Clif Family, Everything Spice Blend, Olive Oil, Party, Pita Bread, Smoked Salmon, Tartare -

Serve with pita chips and good company. Enjoy this crowd-pleasing appetizer with Rosé of Grenache for a win-win.

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Appetizer, Clif Family, Dip, Greek Yogurt, Jam, Onion, Party -

Savory, sweet, smoky, and scrumptious! The onion jam used in this recipe is packed with naturally sweet farm onions that are slowly caramelized to perfection. This dip is one of our favorite party appetizers.

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