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Ethiopia Adado - Specialty Coffee (2 Pack)

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We are pleased to offer this whole bean coffee from Ethiopia. It comes from the Adado washing station, in the village of Shara, in the Yirgacheffe region. The washing station is named after the local tribe "Adado." We love buying coffee from Ethiopia not just for its near-legendary status as the birthplace of Arabica coffee, but also for the incredible diversity of flavor and character of Ethiopian coffee. This particular coffee is naturally processed, meaning that the coffee is dried with the cherry remaining on the bean throughout the drying process, which gives it a flavor more closely to that of the coffee cherry itself.

We roast light to medium, with the intent to highlight the coffee's natural origin flavor. We like this approach because we feel it gives a uniquely flavorful cup. Roasting in small batches and with care and attention to detail, our hope is not only to provide a delicious cup, but also a chance to slow down and lose yourself in something special for a few moments. 

Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Floral, Apple, Cocoa

Whole Bean Coffee | Includes two, 12 oz bags

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