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Gift Set - Corine's Cuisine Specialty Sauces (8 Pack)

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Be adventurous! Get (or give) all eight Corine's Cuisine sauces at once. Mix and match them with all your favorite dishes. Discover your favorites!

Includes 8 of the following sauces:

No. 23 - Fresh Hot Pepper, Garlic & Turmeric Sauce

  • This sauce is the one that started it all, made in a style popular in the French West Indies and using fresh Scotch bonnets that go from whole to chopped-and-bottled in a matter of minutes. This preserves the full heat and fruity flavor of this amazing pepper.
  • A little Sauce No. 23 on the side of your plate will pair perfectly with almost anything you want to spice up.
  • Try No. 23 with any grilled meat, blend it with mayo for a great burger or fries sauce, mix a small spoonful into any soup.
  • The numbers we use to name our sauces come from birthdays in the family, so it only made sense that this “flagship” sauce carries the number of Corine’s birthday.

No. 5 - Spicy Mint, Coriander & Coconut Sauce

  • This dipping, seasoning and cooking sauce uses real chopped mint and coriander leaves, lime and apple juice, coconut flakes and cumin to create a flavor you won’t believe came out of a bottle.
  • The ingredients list for Sauce No. 5 is all-natural, gluten-free and vegan, with no added sugar. We don’t use any flavorings or artificial preservatives.
  • Sauce No. 5 goes great with lamb chops or in lamb stew, and it works great as a dipping sauce or condiment on the side of the plate.

No. 28 - Spicy Asian BBQ & Stir-fry Sauce

  • Sauce No. 28 makes wok cooking simple and delicious. Finish up a quick stir fry of vegetables, tofu or any protein with a couple of spoons of No. 28 and the dish is done!
  • Corine’s carefully balanced blend of Japanese Unagi, Thai Nam-Pla, real garlic and peppers, lime and cilantro makes this a versatile cooking sauce, suited well to both meats and seafood.
  • Our favorite fish recipe with this one is planked salmon brushed with Sauce No. 28. Nothing could be easier to bring a truly unique and new twist to traditional grilled or broiled fish.
  • Grilled thin-cut pork chops marinated in Sauce No. 28 are summertime BBQ idea we highly recommend!
  • Sauce No. 28 is a 2017 SOFI (Specialty Food Association) Award winner in the BBQ category!

No. 3 - Jamaican Curry Hot Pepper Sauce

  • The Jamaican-style curry blend gives it the deliciously complex aromas of cumin, coriander seed and allspice.
  • Add a spoonful to liven up any chicken or tuna salad, or mix a little with mayo for a completely original burger sauce!
  • The pepper in this sauce is brined Caribbean Scotch bonnet, so it has a medium heat level with a good balance of flavor.
  • Sauce No. 3 is great for making any kind of curry cooking very simple, but it’s one of our favorites just on its own on the side of the plate.
  • Makes a simple grilled chicken breast amazing!

No. 31 - Pineapple Mango Hot Pepper Sauce

  • Corine’s Cuisine Sauce No. 31 is made with real pineapple and mango, fresh lime juice, honey, and serrano pepper, giving it a homemade taste and nice balance of spicy and sweet.
  • Use Sauce No. 31 as a marinade, as a cooking sauce, or as a dipping sauce on the side or your plate. The flavors from the real fruit in No. 31 go great with pork and duck!
  • The balance of hot pepper and fruity mango in Sauce No. 31 also makes it a great glaze for skewered shrimp on the BBQ.

No. 4 - Spicy Nam-Pla Fresh Lime & Coriander Sauce

  • A recipe of Thai nam-pla blended with serrano peppers, cilantro, garlic and fresh lime create this unique dipping and seasoning sauce.
  • Try Corine’s Cuisine Sauce No. 4 with your next grilled rib-eye and you’ll never go back to your old steak sauce.
  • As always, this Corine’s Cuisine sauce uses all-natural ingredients, real cilantro leaves, real lime juice (never from concentrate), garlic chopped from whole cloves, and no MSG.

No 7. - Ginger Scallion & Fresh Lime Sauce

  • Corine’s Cuisine Sauce No. 7 is loaded with the tangy flavor of real chopped ginger and fresh lime juice, and its canola-oil base makes it amazingly versatile as a marinade, a cooking sauce or a dressing.
  • Many recipes from traditional Chinese cuisine can be started in the wok or sauté pan with Sauce No. 7 — make your favorite Asian dish easier to cook!
  • No. 7 is also great as a dipping sauce, especially with barbecued pork. Try it with ribs and you’ll be hooked! It’s also a shortcut to a quick and delicious dressing for grilled or steamed vegetables and tomato-mozzarella salad.

No. 10 - Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce

  • Sauce No. 10 is Corine’s all-natural take on a traditional Caribbean pickled-pepper hot sauce, using 40-day-brined Scotch bonnets, real chopped garlic, apple cider vinegar and turmeric.
  • Take Corine’s Cuisine Sauce No. 10 along to any BBQ or tailgate party! It goes great with ribs, Buffalo wings, burgers and grilled chicken.
  • This one is a breakfast-time favorite for many of our fans. Drizzle a few drops on your morning eggs or mix a little in with mashed avocado on toast.
  • Cooking with Sauce No. 10 is a great way to spice up your lasagna, pasta sauces or soups.

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