Grove 45

Napa Valley Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Grove 45 Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is produced from long established, organically farmed groves located in California's Napa Valley. The Italian field blend of Frantoio, Leccino, Maurino, Pendolino and Nocellara de Belici olives are balanced, medium robust and display fruity, grassy and peppery qualities typical of Tuscan EVOOs. The fruit is processed within 24 hours of harvest and is milled on both a traditional stone as well as a blade mill. Enjoy Grove 45 EVOO liberally to complement and enhance all of your favorite foods!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been revered and savored since the first harvest in Crete circa 2500 B.C. To be called extra virgin, an oil must be mechanically pressed without the addition of heat or chemicals to extract or extend the oil. It must have a free fatty acid level less than 1%. It must pass an evaluation by a certified tasting panel and have no sensory defects. To be labeled as Estate Bottled oil, 95% of the fruit must come from the same property or groves.

Grove 45 trees were imported from Tuscany in 1994. In 2004, Sicilian varieties were planted in a second grove. Grove 45 is organically hand farmed and harvested. Other than harvest and bottling, all work is done by the founders Bonnie Storm & Nena Talcott, including hand labeling. Harvest is usually mid-November, and the fruit is generally 60% green to 40% black. Grove 45 Extra Virgin Olive Oil has an intense green color and a robust, fruity, spicy flavor. The oil is reflective of the rugged and hilly terroir of Chiles Valley, a remote corner in northeastern Napa Valley where the groves are located.

Grove 45 EVOO is the proud recipient of the California Olive Oil Council Seal of Excellence. The COOC has successfully sponsored legislation to ensure truth in labeling and prevent unlawful representation of oils from around the world as “extra virgin”. The group has a certification program that guarantees each certified oil is extra virgin.

1 bottle is 315 ml / 10.6 oz, $30 each or $48 for 2 bottles.

Shipping: Grove 45 Olive Oil is typically shipped out within 24-48 hours.