Blank Slate Kitchen


Blank Slate Kitchen crafts high-end products to provide food and drink enthusiasts with the very best ingredients to explore, develop and realize their own kitchen creativity. Their products are crafted in Brooklyn, New York in small batches, with the finest quality ingredients they can find. When at all possible, Blank Slate Kitchen uses organic, non-GMO and fair trade sources.





Blank Slate was founded by chef Alex Sorenson, who has worked in a wide range of fine dining restaurants throughout New York City, and the world at large, having lived and worked in France, Rwanda and Borneo. The New York Times has described his cooking as having a “brightness to it, a clever happiness that comes through on the plate.” Alex routinely travels to the far corners of the earth in search of the best ingredients and exciting new flavors, techniques and dishes to inspire Blank Slate Kitchen’s products.

As America’s obsession with food and restaurants has grown, and as more and more home cooks are creating sophisticated dishes, Alex realized that a key difference between professional and home cooks is the pantry of prepared ingredients restaurant kitchens rely on – a cook’s mise en place. The idea for Blank Slate Kitchen quickly took shape – to take some of the most important and versatile prepared ingredients from professional kitchens, bring them to the retail market, and get them into the hands of cooks everywhere and support their culinary creativity.



Featured Products

Szechuan Chili Oil: Tingly, numbing, nuanced, complex, and of course spicy! This chili oil is infused with 11 spices and herbs before being poured hot over two types of ground chilis and ground Szechuan peppercorns, toasting them and infusing the whole with big flavors. Unlike anything else out there, this Szechuan Chili Oil offers layers and layers of flavor, not just heat. The flavor concept of “ma la”, common in Szechuan cuisine, is named for the Chinese characters for “numbing” and “spicy”. Szechuan peppercorns provide a tingly numbness on the tongue that accents the spice from the chilis. With a medium heat level, it is meant to be used generously. Terrific for dips, stir frys, noodles, rice, marinades, dressings & more!

Palm Sugar Rich Simple Syrup: Pure, natural caramel sweetness! This palm sugar syrup is the base syrup from which the others derive; versatile, yet complex and rich. It’s so much more flavorful than simple syrups made with white sugar; the unrefined palm sugar retains many of its natural nutrients, and even more importantly, all of those great natural flavors – caramel, vanilla and spice tones. It’s very similar to honey or maple syrup, so try it out in place of them in your coffee or tea, or your breakfast or desserts.

Bird's Eye Chili Rich Simple Syrup: Packs a bright, fresh punch from these little Thai peppers, tempered and tamed by the clear sweetness of organic cane sugar. A mean margarita is a natural for this syrup, but don’t be afraid to experiment with some heat in your desserts as well. Blank Slate Kitchen makes their Bird’s Eye Chili Rich Simple Syrup from the finest quality organic and fair-trade ingredients they can find. It starts with organic evaporated cane juice sugar; unlike white sugar, this is less refined and still has some of the nutrients and caramel flavor.

Vanilla Rich Simple Syrup: This vanilla syrup was simply begging to be made after Founder Alex Sorenson's visit to an exquisite vanilla plantation in Uganda, and a truly baller cocktail in Zanzibar involving champagne and a whole vanilla bean as a garnish. Forget those insipid imitation vanillas and watery extracts; this is the real deal, with fistfuls of whole vanilla beans and mellow, rich palm sugar.

Black Pepper Rich Simple Syrup: This syrup was inspired by a trip to the spice island Zanzibar, and the incredible black peppers encountered in Cambodia and Borneo; it was the genesis of Blank Slate Kitchen, and if Blank Slate Kitchen had to pick one syrup (shhh, don’t tell the others), this is still their favorite. It combines the sharp bite of black pepper with the caramel richness of palm sugar for an intriguing and satisfying addition to your cocktails, desserts, and breakfasts.




Are the products organic?

Blank Slate uses organic, sustainable, and fair-trade ingredients whenever possible. Their processing kitchen is not certified organic, and some of the spices they use are not available from certified organic sources, so their products are not currently certified organic.

Are any of the items vegan / gluten free / egg free / dairy free / nut free, etc?

The Szechuan Chili Oil and all syrups are vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, egg-free, dairy-free and just about everything else-free. They contain the highest-quality sugar, non-GMO oil, amazing herbs and spices, a touch of citric acid, and that's it.

What is a Rich Simple Syrup?

It's awesome! Decadent! Delicious! What else do you need to know? Well, since you asked nicely: it's a double strength syrup, which means it has twice the concentration of sugar as a regular simple syrup. You use less, so a bottle last longer. It's also thick, which means it can be used in place of honey or maple syrup.

Do the syrups need to be refrigerated?

Yes, they should be refrigerated once open.

How long will the syrups last?

Unopened, forever. They'll last fairly indefinitely if refrigerated, and they will be safe to use. If they are left at room temperature for a long time (days or weeks), or you manage to get some bacteria in there, it is possible they could get moldy - this should be noticeable visibly and by smell - in which case, they should be thrown out. The flavors may deteriorate over time though, so they might not be as amazing after a few years. Throw together some cocktails, or have a pancake party, then get yourself a freshie!

Does Blank Slate Kitchen use additives or artificial flavors? Citric Acid?

No additives or artificial flavors are used! The citric acid is there to stabilize the solution, which keeps it from crystalizing. Blank Slate Kitchen uses a tiny amount, and their citric acid is non-GMO and for use in organic products.

What should I do if my syrup has separated?

Separation will occur; just shake the bottle and you're good to go.

What should I do if my syrup has crystalized?

Temperature changes or long storage could cause crystallization. You can microwave the bottle (without the metal lid) for a minute or two, or submerge the bottle (with the lid on) in simmering water for 15 minutes, which should melt the crystals back into the syrup.

Does the Szechuan Chili Oil contain non-GMO oil?

Yes, the Szechuan Chili Oil is made with non-GMO canola oil.