Hudson Daniel Gourmet is about eating with purpose and discovering new taste adventures. Discovering specialty makers and learning more about what makes them so unique. Searching for outstanding artisan food & beverage products to purchase? Explore our amazing partners & their stories + find links to shop directly from their online stores below!

FEatured Makers WE LOVE

Sonoma Portworks - Petaluma, CA
"Almost Vinegar"

Miners Mix - Mariposa, CA
Seasonings, Rubs & More

Just Jan's - Calabasas, CA 
Fruit Spreads

Livin' Spoonful - Portland, OR
Crackers & Cookies

Good Bites Los Angeles, CA
Raw Truffles, Snacks & More

Kolossos - Chicago, IL
Olive Oil

Eat This - Erwinna, PA
Jams & Marmalades

Anarchy in a Jar - Brooklyn, NY
Jams & Condiments

Holy Smoke - Charleston, SC
Smoked Olive Oil & Honey

Salsa Maya - Houston, TX 
Habanero Aioli

RogersMade - Chattanooga, TN
Honey, Soda & More

Sonoma Harvest - Fairfield, CA
Olive Oil, Vinegar & More

Clif Family Napa Valley - St. Helena, CA
Wine, Nuts, Olive Oil, Salts, & More

Beach House Teas - Long Beach, WA
Tea & Cane Sugar

Mizuba Tea - Portland, OR
Matcha Green Tea

Mayana - Spooner, WI
Chocolate & Confections

Full Belly - Highwood, IL
Pickled Goods

Dona Chai - Brooklyn, NY
Chai Tea Concentrate

Gustus Vitae - Pasadena, CA
Spices, Salts & Seasonings

Bushwick Kitchen - Brooklyn, NY
Sauces and Condiments

Galangso - Roswell, GA
Sauces, Condiments, Spices & Seasonings

Saint Lucifer - Philadelphia, PA
Spices, Olive Oil & Vinegar

Green Mustache - Brooklyn, NY
Snacks & Smoothies

Sundry Mornings - Linfield, PA
Spices, Seasonings, Sauces & More

enFuso - Los Alamitos, CA
Olive Oil & Vinegar

Spice Tree Organics - New York, NY
Spices, Salts & Seasonings

Marlo's Bakeshop - San Francisco, CA
Soft-Baked Biscotti

Formans USA - Northbrook, IL
Smoked & Cured Fish

Mesa Fresca - Warren, RI
Relish, Marinades & Sauces

Blank Slate Kitchen - Brooklyn, NY
Chili Oil & Simple Syrups

Olive and Poppy - Napa, CA
Wine Accessories & Gifts

Formaticum - Brooklyn, NY
Cheese Storage Products & Cutters

Unna Bakery - New York, NY
Swedish Cookies

Love Bottle - Portland, OR
Reusable Glass Water Bottles

Dot and Army - Brunswick, GA
Cloth Napkins & Towels

Beehive Handmade - Bristol, RI
Measuring Spoons, Utensils & More

Ratio - Portland, OR
Coffee Machines

Alex Marshall Studios - Corning, CA
Dinnerware & Entertaining Accessories

Hot Pepper Market - Concord, CA
Condiments & Spicy Jams

The Candy - Oakland, CA

Fire Road - San Francisco, CA
Bottle Openers, Coasters & More

Ococoa - Los Angeles, CA
Chocolate & Confections

Wild Thymes Farm - Medusa, NY
Sauces, Dressings & More