Sundry Mornings


sun·dry: ˈsəndrē/adjective: sundry
1. of various kinds; several.
"lemon rind and sundry herbs"




Sundry Mornings, founded by Miranda Watson and based in Linfield, PA is a line of kitchen items to help spice up anyone's kitchen. By adding a kick to your every day recipes or extra flare to the dinning room table, they are here to bring variety to your culinary style.

All spices are made in small batches using local ingredients when available, dried in house and ground fresh. Sauces are also made in small batches with the finest ingredients, including hand picked peppers and fruit.

Miranda Watson started Sundry Mornings after working on her thesis for a MFA in Photography. Sounds strange, but her thesis was on farms and producers in Pennsylvania called, "Hundred Mile Table".

The project was about highlighting the maker and their product. Miranda turned a lot of the produce she received from these farms into different spice blends and sauces for herself as a way to make them last longer. That's when Miranda got the idea to start Sundry Mornings.

Originally, the company was going to called "PA Preserved," an idea that encompassed what they are all about - taking the great products that are produced in the area and making something with them to share with everyone else.

Miranda and her team always make it a point to introduce their customers to farmers and producers, because without them there would be no product!

Many spice companies buy their ingredients bulk from a spice broker not knowing where they come from or how long they have been sitting on the shelf. At Sundry Mornings, the majority of their ingredients come straight from the field, dried in house and ground in small batches.

If they can't get it locally, they do their research and buy domestically and/or organically grown products and find out where they come from.