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All Natural Ginger Spice Honey Simple Syrup (Set of 2)

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Finally, a healthy and delicious way to drink your cocktails or mocktails! This all-natural simple syrup elevates your mixology suite with the natural sweetness of honey and aromatic heat of ginger. Swapping honey in place of sugar, it brings a delicate sweetness to cocktails, mocktails and smoothies. Made with just six simple ingredients, we’d practically drink it straight up. But instead, get creative with cocktails and mocktails. Moscow mules, anyone?

• All Natural
• No Sugar, Honey Sweetener
• Made with Organic Ingredients
• Healthy Beverage & Cocktail Mixer
• Recipe Card Incuded with Caribbean Sangria, Spicy Bee's Knees and Rum Punch

-Set includes (2) 8 oz. bottles Ginger Spice Honey Simple Syrup

We love honey! We love the process of honey making and the delicious, natural product we get from bees and nature.

I’ve always made my own honey syrup and told others about my recipes and one day I wondered why can’t this all natural honey syrup be bottled and available for everyone to purchase and use? After lots of hard work I’ve perfected my syrup and drink recipes to share and I hope you’ll love them as much as my family does.

A hippy and minimalist at heart, I adore organic and natural products and believe we should all eat and drink as naturally as our ancestors did. Our syrups contain NO SUGAR, NO PRESERVATIVES, NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS OR DYES, NO DAIRY, EGG, LACTOSE, OR GLUTEN.


Why Honey instead of Sugar?

Not only is honey easier for the body to absorb and process than sugar, it also contains most of the essential minerals your body needs. Honey contains numerous essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids, along with anti-inflammatory properties.  Who wouldn't want to consume less calories, less carbohydrates and less sugar content by switching from a sugar simple syrup to a Honey Simple Syrup?

What can I use my Hudson & Lee Simple Syrup in?

Our syrups can be used in any cocktail recipe that calls for a simple syrup or to sweeten your favorite non-alcoholic drink.  Our favorite cocktail uses are to sweeten Margaritas, a fresh Sangria, Mojitos, and Moscow Mules!  We also love to add Hudson & Lee syrups to iced tea and freshly squeezed lemonade for a more natural sweetener.  Hudson & Lee syrups also make a great natural sweetener for sauces and salad dressings!

What are the ingredients in Hudson & Lee simple syrup?

We are proud to say, our syrups contain NO PRESERVATIVES, NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS OR DYES, NO DAIRY, EGG, LACTOSE, OR GLUTEN. Our ingredients include: Honey, Filtered Water, Organic Lemon Juice and Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

Should I refrigerate my syrup after opening?

Yes, for optimal freshness and taste, please refrigerate after opening.