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At Blue Mind we love creating beauty through roasting coffee and everything that accompanies it, so we wanted to create a mug that was given the same amount of consideration. We collaborated with local Indianapolis potter Ryan Vanhoy of Vanhoy Pottery who did an excellent job of taking our design and creating this simple and timeless mug. We worked closely to create a vessel that was not only pleasant to hold and drink from but also had a simple beauty. Being that it is hand thrown, each mug has its own unique look, which we love. Each detail was considered to bring you a beautiful coffee drinking experience.

- Holds 10-12 oz

- Hand-thrown in Indianapolis, IN

- Made by Vanhoy Pottery

- Vitrified stoneware

- Limited edition

***Disclaimer: These mugs were designed to be handleless as part of the simple design. However most mugs have handles because coffee is hot and therefore the mug is hot. We took this into consideration and added a false bottom so it can be held around the base and around the rim until it cools for approximately the first 8 minutes. Coffee is actually better if it cools for just a bit as you are then able to taste more of the flavors and not just the heat. Therefore, please be aware that the mug will be hot until it has cooled a bit.

Shipping: Please note that Blue Mind Roasting typically ships orders within 48-72 hours.