Cheese Storage Bags (2 Pack)

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Cheese is living and needs to stay alive to taste its best. Conventional food storage materials are non-porous. Non-porous materials suffocate and kill cheese, making it smell and taste like ammonia. Non-porous materials trap all moisture, allowing water to accumulate as drops that cause surface mold and accelerate spoilage. At its prime ripeness, living cheese is a perfect but fragile balance of aroma, taste, texture and appearance.
Proper handling and storage can mean the difference between vibrant, delicious, living cheese and dead, ammoniated, spoiled cheese. Save your cheese with Formaticum cheese storage products. Our cheese storage materials are designed specifically to keep cheese fresh and delicious by allowing oxygen to flow freely, letting your cheese breathe. Our products also prevents moisture from escaping to create a cave-like environment.

Cheese storage bags maintain freshness and flavor longer - all in a quick, easy-to-use bag. The material is porous enough to let cheese breathe while retaining ample humidity to prevent it from drying out. Reuse the same bag for the same type of cheese until butterfat stains become visible on the paper, then switch it out for a new one. Made in France and designed for cheese storage, bags are perfect for quick cleanup of leftovers and make a great gift for cheese lovers.

Each package contains fifteen 6.25" x 11" cheese bags. This item contains two packs.

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