Mayana Chocolate

Classic Candy Bar Trio

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These are the bars that started it all with their classic flavors. Includes the salty Kitchen Sink Bar with it's rich peanut butter and pretzels. The Fix Bar with it's vanilla-bean shortbread. The Space Bar featuring vanilla-bean nougat and toasted almonds. Tied together with a gold ribbon.

Shipping: Please note that Mayana ships on Monday to Pacific Time Zones, on Monday and Tuesday to Eastern & Mountain Time Zones, and on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday to Central Time Zone locations. In warm weather, they may include a cold pack and additional insulation. Please ensure that the delivery address will not result in the package sitting outdoors for any length of time. We highly suggest shipping where you can receive the package immediately and are not responsible for incorrect shipping addresses or addresses where delivery results in a package remaining in a hot, rainy, or otherwise unsuitable environment.