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Craft Granola Variety (3 Pack)

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Includes three 12 oz bags with your choice of Mary's Original, Espresso Buzz, Jungle Munch and Choco Cherry.

After graduating with a Culinary Arts degree, Founder Mary Moyer started playing around with a Granola Recipe. She gave it away with abandon to friends, asking only for critiques. The results were positive - they loved it and Double M Bake Shop was born! The name is a tribute to some of the women in her life who were wonderful bakers and cooks - Mary M. Crowe, her Grandmother and namesake, Mary Moyer, her Mother-in-law, and Ellie Crowe, her Mom and Kitchen Guru. Double M Bake Shop overflows with family inspiration.

Mary's Original: Mary's Original was, you guessed it, Mary's first Granola Recipe. Her firstborn! She spent the most time developing this recipe to make sure it included lots of ingredients beneficial to our well being. It also had to taste really good. Getting it just right took time. Everything starts with the recipe, but at some point you have to leave it be, and send it out into the world. After almost three years, Mary's Original has done really well, makes friends easily, and knows her place on the shelf. Mary's Original is filled with Almonds, Walnuts, and big flakes of toasted, organic Coconut. Organic Oats, Flaxseed meal, Oat Bran and lots of fragrant cinnamon, round out this not too sweet blend.

Espresso Buzz: Espresso Buzz is made with two coffee products from a local NC Coffee Roaster, Larry's Coffee. They are organic and fair trade, with funky artwork on their packaging. They use their Cold Brew Concentrate as well as Secret Espresso #17. The beans are ground at the last second then added to the magic mix that has lots of pure vanilla, date crumbles, unsweetend applesauce, just to name a few ingredients. As with all Double M's flavors, this is not an overly sweet granola. The pure vanilla and coffee flavors meld perfectly with whole almonds to make this a coffee lovers go-to.

Jungle Munch: Peanut Butter, Bananas, and Coconut - these are some of Mary's favorite flavors. Her and Peanut Butter go WAY back. Mary hates to admit it, but she developed this flavor for her (and maybe my boys). She originally had raisins in this mix, but her younger son hated them, so out they came. In the end, Jungle Munch is a little like Peanut Butter Cookie went to the tropics. Double Roasted NC Peanuts, house made Peanut Butter, raw mashed bananas, Organic Banana Chips and Organic Coconut make this Granola a family favorite.

Choco Cherry: Crunchy clusters of chocolate, cacao nibs and tart cherries make this Double M flavor super versatile. Breakfast? Dessert? Snack? Who knows, but whatever meal or mood you are in, Choco Cherry can help you out. The chocolate comes from Organic Cacao Powder and Cacao Nibs. Both of these contain many health benefits. What's that you say? They contain more antioxidants than blueberries or red wine? And they contain tryptophan, an essentail amino acid, that is required for Serotonin production? Enhanced serotonin makes us happy. Whaaat? Chocoholics know of what they speak. Chocolate for breakfast? Yes, Please.

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