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Critter Bitters — Toasted Cricket Bitters

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Made by Trouble Makers, Inc founders Lucy and Julia in San Francisco with crickets sourced from a Bay Area cricket farm. Cocktail bitters made with toasted crickets, rose hips, sarsaparilla, pepper, dandelion root, gentian, and cinnamon. Add to your favorite cocktail or enjoy with soda water. The perfect introduction to edible insects. 4 oz.

Eating insects is good for the planet. It's good for your health. And it's a great conversation starter at the bar. According to the UN FAO, eating insects is the first viable solution to the world's impending food shortage. Crickets are an alternative source of protein – one that is healthy for you and healthier for the planet. Trouble Makers has found that people are more willing to first try insects in a cocktail than in food. And crickets have a completely unique rich flavor that add an amazing depth of flavor to drinks. 

Give them a try – join the movement to change the conversation around what and how we are consuming. 

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