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D'vash Date Nectar - Natural Sweetener & Honey Alternative

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D'vash Date Nectar is a sweet, delicious, and healthy sweetener & natural honey alternative that's made entirely from organic California dates. With 25% less sugar than honey, you can use D’vash Date Nectar to sweeten coffee or tea, add to cocktails, drizzle on pancakes or yogurt, marinate chicken and meats, dress salads, bake delicious desserts, and much more!

Founders David Finkel and Brian Czinn both originally hail from the Midwest but became close friends while studying abroad in the Middle East, where a shared passion for local cuisine led them to discover the region's best-kept culinary secret: Date Nectar, or D'vash. Non-GMO, gluten-free, fat-free, and totally vegan, D'vash also has a rich history that spans thousands of years and has been a staple of Middle Eastern cuisine since the biblical era.

In fact, when ancient Middle Easterners reached for a bottle of "honey" to sweeten a cup of tea, marinate chicken, dress a salad, or top off some yogurt, historians believe that they were actually using date nectar! Thousands of years later, David and Brian are thrilled to finally share D'vash with you.

Includes one 16.6 oz bottle.

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