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"Get Your Guav' On!" Preserves - Pink Guava Gelicious Jam

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Sweet and tangy Guava deliciousness, made to spec for a true Brazilian mama! We tried a few times to get this one to taste right... but now we have it down. Our customers that buy it say that it tastes just like something they would buy in Brazil. Those are the words we love to hear! Includes one, 10 oz jar.

At Butcher's Bunches we crave the taste of fresh sustainably sourced fruit, so that is what you get in every jar. Nothing else. And we have the USDA calculated Nutrition facts to prove it! Check them out and compare them to your favorite spread, jam or preserve. It is important to back what we say, whether it be written on our jar (no sugar added) or in a claim we make at a farmer's market, and we want you to know the whole jam truth!

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