Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Mild & Robust (2 Pack)

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How do you pair your Extra Virgin olive oils? Try these delicious varietals and explore the beautiful flavor characteristics with each ingredient in your kitchen! Robust-Greek Extra Virgin olive oil produced from Koroneiki olives grown in Lakonia, Greece. Full-bodied, peppery flavor with hints of nuts, green tea and tomato leaf. Mild-Greek Extra Virgin olive oil produced from Manaki olives grown in Argolida, Greece. Delicate flavor, ripe olive fruit, buttery, with hints of apricot, ripe apple and pine. Premium quality Extra Virgin olive oil can be used for cooking, sauteing, baking, deep-frying, and finishing. 1nclues one 500 ML bottle of Mild & one 500 ML bottle of Robust Olive Oils packaged in a gift box.

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