Holy Smoke

Hickory Smoked Olive Oil (2 Pack)

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100% cold pressed extra virgin California olive oil blend that's cold-smoked with hickory in Charleston, SC.


Holy Smoke Olive Oil starts of rich and buttery with fresh grassy notes.
It then transforms into a savory smoke with a slight nuttiness.
It finishes with a subtle pepper on the back of the throat.

"It's like liquid bacon that's good for you!"

We created a cold-smoking machine that keeps the extra virgin olive oil at 37 degrees Fahrenheit while the hickory smoke runs over it naturally just like you'd smoke meat. The near-freezing temperature ensures the olive oil stays raw and retains all of it's chemical and nutritional properties while being infused with the savory hickory smoke.

Of course you can use Holy Smoke Olive Oil just like you can any other olive oil, but here are some ideas that will get you excited:

  • Pizza & sandwich dressing
  • Drizzle on soups & salads
  • Roasting vegetables
  • Pastas & sauces
  • Finish pan-seared meats & fish
  • Cooking eggs
  • Making vinegarettes
  • Smokehouse Hummus
  • Smoked Olive Oil Cake
  • Smokin' Pesto
  • Smoky Chimichurri
  • Smoked Mignonette
  • Accoutrement to charcuterie & cheese
  • Put it on EVERYTHING!!!! 

Order includes two, 12 oz/250 ml bottles!