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Istanbuli Kofta Spice Blend (2 Pack)

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Istanbuli Kofta is a spicy, savory blend inspired by Turkey, where grilled meat is seen as an art. Our blend is a mix of native Turkish pepper, sweet spices, and herbs, and gives you juicy, aromatic koftas every time. Includes 2 Bags!

Ingredients: Maras Pepper, Organic Cumin, Organic spearmint other organic spices.


Freshly ground, Hand Blended

Use 2.5 Tbs of blend per pound of ground meat. Can be used in:

  • Turkish style lamb or beef kofta
  • Red lentil soup
  • Turkey meatballs
  • Eggplant salad
  • Turkish bulgur pilaf
  • Grilled lamb chops

Shipping: Please note that Spice Tree Organics typically ships orders within 48 hours.