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No. 10 — Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce (2 Pack)

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A Hot-Sauce Classic, Made Even Better! Includes 2 Jars!

  • Sauce No. 10 is Corine’s all-natural take on a traditional Caribbean pickled-pepper hot sauce, using 40-day-brined Scotch bonnets, real chopped garlic, apple cider vinegar and turmeric.
  • Take Corine’s Cuisine Sauce No. 10 along to any BBQ or tailgate party! It goes great with ribs, Buffalo wings, burgers and grilled chicken.
  • This one is a breakfast-time favorite for many of our fans. Drizzle a few drops on your morning eggs or mix a little in with mashed avocado on toast.
  • Cooking with Sauce No. 10 is a great way to spice up your lasagna, pasta sauces or soups.

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