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No. 23 — Fresh Hot Pepper, Garlic & Turmeric Sauce (2 Pack)

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The Original, a Hot Sauce Full of Flavor as Well as Fire! Includes 2 Jars!

  • This sauce is the one that started it all, made in a style popular in the French West Indies and using fresh Scotch bonnets that go from whole to chopped-and-bottled in a matter of minutes. This preserves the full heat and fruity flavor of this amazing pepper.
  • A little Sauce No. 23 on the side of your plate will pair perfectly with almost anything you want to spice up.
  • Try No. 23 with any grilled meat, blend it with mayo for a great burger or fries sauce, mix a small spoonful into any soup.
  • The numbers we use to name our sauces come from birthdays in the family, so it only made sense that this “flagship” sauce carries the number of Corine’s birthday.

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