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No. 28 — Spicy Asian BBQ & Stir-fry Sauce

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Rich Umami Flavors and Medium Spiciness for the Grill or Wok.

  • Sauce No. 28 makes wok cooking simple and delicious. Finish up a quick stir fry of vegetables, tofu or any protein with a couple of spoons of No. 28 and the dish is done!
  • Corine’s carefully balanced blend of Japanese Unagi, Thai Nam-Pla, real garlic and peppers, lime and cilantro makes this a versatile cooking sauce, suited well to both meats and seafood.
  • Our favorite fish recipe with this one is planked salmon brushed with Sauce No. 28. Nothing could be easier to bring a truly unique and new twist to traditional grilled or broiled fish.
  • Grilled thin-cut pork chops marinated in Sauce No. 28 are summertime BBQ idea we highly recommend!
  • Sauce No. 28 is a 2017 SOFI (Specialty Food Association) Award winner in the BBQ category!

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