coastal root bitters

Pine Bitters

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Includes 1.7 oz bottle. Straight from the Maine woods to your your glass. We added everything that reminds us of pine to these bitters, and then we added plenty of white pine and blue spruce! The effect is a very woody and woodsy bitter with a nice herbaceous, citrus punch!

Coastal Root Bitters grew out of a passion for all things herbal, botanical and bitter. Our bitters are your tool to unlock a unique flavor experience. Bitters enhance cocktails, mocktails, baked goods, and food. Let us share out passion with you- learn to love bold flavors from the coast, in all of your beverages.

  • We use only high quality ingredients, all our herbs and spices are organic.
  • We work in very small batches, to ensure a high quality consistent product.
  • Our bitters are all natural, and never artificially enhanced.

Shipping: Coastal Root Bitters typically ships orders within 48 hours.