The Coffee Ride

Roaster's Choice Coffee (Sample Pack)

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What’s Included:

In the roaster’s choice sampler you will receive three 4oz bags, roasted to highlight each regions unique flavor, so you can decide what is your favorite. The Coffee Ride's goal is to help direct you toward what you consider to be your ideal coffee. What better way to challenge your palate than sampling three distinctly different coffees side by side in this roaster’s choice sample pack.


Boulder, Colorado based The Coffee Ride's love for coffee began with the realization that not every coffee was created equal. In the world of specialty coffee, each region and roast has its own unique natural flavors that can transform the way you think about your daily routine. Their coffees are all ethically sourced, picked at peak ripeness, and roasted to perfection. Long before The Coffee Ride was even a business, Founder Josh Crane spent time riding his bicycle and brewing fresh-roasted coffee with close friends and coworkers.  Seeing the joy this brought to everyone, he wanted to develop a real community around coffee, bikes, and adventure that brings a smile to your face with every sip, no matter where you are.

What Makes The Coffee Ride Different:

The Coffee Ride believes in a business philosophy where everyone wins, from the farmers to the environment to the end consumer. Small batch roasting with this type of sourcing allows them to import extremely unique coffees from farms that aren't just growing coffee, but doing something special. They roast everything to order and get it out the door the next day. All of these components plus the care The Coffee Ride takes in creating unique roasting profiles, makes for one heck of an amazing cup.

Shipping: Please note that The Coffee Ride ships orders once a week on Thursday.