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Korean Sauce Starter Kit (5 Pack)

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One of each Mommy Sauce. Great for gift giving and stocking up your pantry.

Set of 5 (13.5 oz) bottles includes:

Fish-Soy Base Sauce: Mommy Choi designed this as a base for soups, but it has great flavor. It's fantastic to stir fry veggies with it! Or steam spinach and squeeze out the water and mix this sauce with it and serve it cold.

Bulgogi Sauce: This sauce can be used to marinate any meat, especially bulgogi. Take thinly sliced beef and use it as an instant marinade or let it sit for a few hours in the marinade, and then cook on a hot pan! A little goes a long way - for one pound of thinly sliced beef, Mommy Choi uses about 4-5 tablespoons of sauce. You can use this sauce for chicken, for dduckboki, for anything you want a slightly sweet, soy sauce taste on.

Spicy Bulgogi Sauce: This is just like the Bulgogi Sauce but spicy. Use it for Korean spicy pork. Mommy Choi also likes to mix this sauce with the Bulgogi Sauce to make dduckboki. Or just use it on its own!

Magic Sauce: This is what started it all for Mommy Choi! A spicy sauce for use in everything. Use it to make your chicken noodle, pho, sullungtang or any kind of soup spicy! Add it to stir frys! Make Korean Soon Tofu stew or other spicy stews with vegetable and tofu! Add it to dduckboki to make it spicy. Add it to fried rice or kimchi fried rice for extra spiciness and flavor.

Kimchi Sauce: This is a classic kimchi flavor maker. Salt some napa cabbage, make it sweat, and then pour this sauce on and let ferment. Also great for salad dressing, toss it with your Caesar!