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Single-Animal, Dry-Aged Ground Beef (10 lb)

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Most ground beef sold at markets and restaurants in the United States contains meat from well over 100 animals. Honest Beef Company ground beef is created by using the trimmings from steaks and roasts from one, single animal - hand cut by their butchers and dry-aged for at least 14 days. Additionally, you can trace every single pound back to the animal and ranch from which it came from (at the Connealy Angus Ranch in Nebraska): unparalleled transparency. Connealy Angus Ranch has been raising purebred angus cattle for nearly 50 years. Traceable, pure, and never commingled. This ground beef makes incredible burgers on the grill!

Honest Beef Company Founder Hannah Raudsepp grew up on an Angus cattle ranch in the Nebraska Sandhills, where beef was included in at least one meal throughout the day, and took for granted that she understood how it ended up on her plate. What Hannah didn't realize was how misunderstood the cattle industry is on a larger scale, and after graduating college and moving to Boston, she noticed an underlying feeling of distrust - especially around beef - how it's raised, its nutrition, and from where it comes. To add to this paradox, ranchers and farmers are equally as disconnected with the people their food nourishes. Once an animal leaves the operation, the producer doesn't know where his or her product goes. Now back in Nebraska, Hannah started Honest Beef to address this lack of transparency for both ends of the value chain. By crowdsourcing beef one animal at a time, you can know exactly where your beef is from, and producers can know who they are feeding.

Order includes 10 lbs of ground beef, packaged in 1 lb packs.

Shipping: Honest Beef Company typically fulfills orders within 48 hours, Monday-Friday. Packages are shipped via UPS or FedEx and the fastest method possible. All orders are shipped to arrive within 1-3 days from when it is sent out (vacuum sealed in 100% recycleable container), with enough dry ice to keep product chilled or frozen until it reaches your doorstep. If you will not be at the location you are shippipng to within 12 hours of the package's arrival, please make plans to have a neighbor keep it cold until you return. There are no additional handling fees calculated at checkout on Honest Beef Company products, other than the $12.99 flat rate shipping cost on your order.