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Spicy Rub Gift Set (3 Pack)

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A great gift idea! Get all 3 Miners Mix SPICY rubs inside a hand crafted, laser-engraved wooden crate made in Mariposa, CA! The crate comes with our mild Wholly Chipotle, our medium HotBanero, and our professional level Fire in the Hole Ghost Pepper-based Rub.

Wholly Chipotle Seasoning and Rub
A nice, mellow smoky chipotle flavor that's only slightly warm. Real chipotle Real chipotle flavor. NO preservatives, NO flavor enhancers, NO MSG and LOW salt. 6 oz shaker jar.

Fire in the Hole Ghost Pepper Rub
This rub is based on the Bhut Jalokia chile, AKA Ghost Pepper, which until recently was the hottest pepper in the world. In India, they use this chile to repel elephants, so it has to be really beneficial to your insides, hence the name Fire in the Hole! Unlike other really hot rubs, this seasoning has TONS of flavor. A blend of six chiles with heavy emphasis on the Bhut Jalokia, combined with a whole bunch of other spices, it has a complex heat that starts in the front of your mouth then proceeds to the back of the throat, where it persists for some time. The heat comes from real chiles; unlike cheap ghost pepper seasonings, there’s no capsacian oil in this stuff and that’s the reason for the high price. Bhut Jalokia ghost pepper powder is over $180 a lb and there’s a fair bit in here. 2 oz jar. A little goes a long ways!

PepperHead's HotBanero
Our medium heat spice blend with an emphasis on the habanero chile, this rub combines fruitiness with heat and lots of flavor. HotBanero contains the same six chiles found in Fire in the Hole, but in different ratios and on different seasoning foundation for a vastly different heat and flavor profile. A favorite of many folks and plenty hot all on its own! 3 oz shaker jar.

Miners Mix is a small family-owned business located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in central California. All of us living here are very fortunate to have in our backyards Yosemite National Park. This area is the mother lode region, where gold was discovered on Jan 24th 1848 and by 1849 thousands of people were flocking to the mountains of the far west in search of that elusive metal.

Out of my dissatisfaction with commercially-available over-salted and overpowering seasoning blends and rubs came our low salt alternatives with just enough salt to work in harmony with the taste of the food. I have no idea how to blend flavors using preservatives or flavor enhancers or artificial anything and so Miners Mix contains none of those things. What is in the jars and packages is just what could have been blended way back in the days of the gold miners who used to walk the hills and valleys of Mariposa, CA. Miners Mix, in name and philosophy, has tried to embody a much simpler time into all of our seasoning mixes and rubs with the slogan “If it didn’t exist in 1850, it ain’t in here”.

Thanks so much for your confidence and faith in purchasing our products. All of us associated with Miners Mix take a great deal of pride in everything we do and derived great satisfaction in seeing the pleasure we bring to folks through good foods and great seasonings.

Shipping: Miners Mix typically ships orders within 48 hours.