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Turkey Jerky Variety (3 Pack)

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Includes three, 3.25 oz bags of jerky. Your choice of Original Gourmet, Tangy Teriyaki, Hot & Tangy Teriyaki, and Spicy Jalapeno. Divine Bovine Jerky is Gluten Free and Paleo friendly. We use only natural ingredients - no Nitrates or Nitrites. All varieties are marinated for 24 hours in one of our amazing sauce blends, then cooked to perfection in our state of the art ovens. Our packaging is a NASA technology fully metalized foil-lined pouch, ensuring our products maintain maximum freshness for a minimum of 18 months. All products proudly made in the USA. You will love the amazing taste of our Turkey Jerky. As with its beef counterpart, we use only the highest quality cuts that yield the perfect texture and flavor. Each bag is an explosion of freshness and flavor that will make even the most loyal beef jerky lovers keep a bag with them always. Enjoy!

Original Gourmet: Drenched in a mild blend of savory spices and “Pop’s” unique recipe; a hint of garlic finished with a light topping of black pepper.

Tangy Teriyaki: Drenched in a mild blend of savory spices and “Pop’s” unique recipe, pleasantly sweet and tastefully infused with a remarkable sauce capturing a light Asian flair with an underlying herbal flavor.

Hot & Tangy Teriyaki: Drenched in a mild blend of savory spices and “Pop’s” unique recipe, a wild fiery hot and sultry flavor combining the sweetness of pineapple juice with the fire of chili peppers.

Spicy Jalapeno: Drenched in a mild blend of savory spices and “Pop’s” unique recipe, an exotic blend of spicy jalapeno, with an irresistible kick of cayenne.

The Divine Bovine Story
Anthony Longo, President/CEO/Founder of Divine Bovine, has always been an Entrepreneur. He has owned numerous successful businesses in the California Desert (Palm Springs/Palm Desert area), including two Bike Shops, a Sandwich Shop, an Irish Pub, a Restaurant and a Starbucks-type Coffee Shop. In the late 80’s/early 90’s, Anthony, a lifelong lover of jerky, set out to create his own better, more flavorful, jerky product. He began with the Ron Popeil (Ronco) dehydrators, testing all cuts of meats, with many different homemade marinades, and found that for Beef Jerky, Steer Brisket of Beef was the most flavorful, most tender cut of meat - more expensive, yes, but the only cut he will use. During the 90's, Anthony sold the jerky in his Bike Shops and in Flaherty's, his Irish pub, and not surprisingly, it was a HUGE hit with all his customers. Fast forward to 2001 and Divine Bovine was born! We hope you love our jerky as much as we do and can see, taste and feel the quality and care with which our products are made.

Shipping: Divine Bovine typically ships orders within 48 hours, Monday-Friday.